No Money Down

Never Pay a Paver Contractor 50% down

The truth be known you should never pay for any service until it’s complete. 

Let’s consider a $10,000.00 job, for example. If you give a Contractor a $5,000.00 deposit, he’s not going to going to put that money in a “special” bank account that’s earmarked just for your job? Chances are he’ll use your money to pay for the materials on his last job. This is a great example of the Domino effect and sooner than later someone’s going to get stung. Don’t let it be you.

Because we’re part of the Construction Industry we hear the stories every week where the nice homeowner gives a deposit to a contractor and then the contractor disappears. There are many court cases every year in denver involving contractors that accept down payments and never actually show up to perform the work they promised to do.

When you pay a 50% deposit there’s no reason for the contractor to work hard to finish the job. They’ll come and go (getting deposits from other homeowners) and then they’ll come back in a few days and do a little more work and so it goes.

Most of the time the contractors you hire for smaller jobs in your home, where payment isn’t required until the job is finished, i.e.  plumbers and electricians complete their work.  You’ll usually have a good experience. They’ll show up the day they’re supposed to be there and they’ll stay until the work is done.

Because they want to get paid!  They want to go home and feed their families.  They don’t get paid in advance.  They don’t get paid until your plumbing or electric is repaired and is working properly.

Here’s the bottom line, reputable contractors will always have lines of credit that allow them to perform the work you’ve contracted for and then receive payment.

Stone Creek hardscapes never ask for a down payment and we work continuously on your job until it’s complete!